Storytime Videos

Hello children and parents from New Horizons Montessori School. We understand what a challenging time this is for all of us and the importance of connection is as important as ever. To allow us to keep our connection ever present with you, we are continuing to compile videos from the ever – talented Eileen and pictures that are sent to us to share with you. This will allow you and your child to see familiar faces in these unprecedented times and give you a sense of normality until we can re-open in some shape or form. We hope you enjoy the contents.

We are including a few of the children’s favourite stories below. If any child wants to request that Eileen read their favourite story, please get in touch and she will be happy to read it.

Sssh! Don’t Wake the Baby

The story this week is Sssh! Don’t Wake the Baby! When Mama gets baby off to sleep, she asks little elephant to be as quiet as he can. No matter how hard he tries, little elephant keeps making noise. Will he wake the baby? Eileen also looks at our Calendar, Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish week), Mindfulness and yoga.

It’s Time to Play

Our story this week is “It’s Time to Play”.
Little lion wants to do all the things that big lion does. The problem is, big lion is just too sleepy to show him how! So, little lion decides to do things all by himself.

Little Tiger’s Big Holiday

The story this week is Little Tiger’s Big Holiday. Little tiger is going on holidays with his friend Zebra. What should he pack in his case for his big adventure? Will everything fit in his case? Eileen also does a Yoga pose, a mindfulness exercise and looks at the calendar.

Frog on the Log

Our first story in February is “Frog on the Log”. When a storm washes away frogs home, he tries everything to hang on as he drifts downstream. But when he has to leave his log, he finds another log…..or so it seems.

Calm Down Billy!

Sometimes Billy gets too excited. With the help from his friends he learns to play fairly and discovers this is more fun for everyone.

Owl’s Winter Rescue

In our first new video for 2021 Eileen reads the story “Owl’s Winter Rescue. She also looks at the Calendar and demonstrates Mindfulness of Breathing and a Yoga Position.

Bobbo Goes to School

Our final story for the year is “Bobbo Goes to School”. Lily does a silly thing – she throws her beloved toy Bobbo up on top of the school bus! Lily is very worried. but what an adventure as both Bobbo and Lily learn about school.

Musical Beds

The story this week is Musical Beds. It’s bedtime for Josie, Rosie and little Rick. But while Dad is trying to enjoy some quite time, each child tries to find a better place to sleep …. and so they move around the house. Eileen also recites an Irish poem “Lámha Suas an Féidir Leat?”

The Boy Who Said No!

This week our story is “The Boy Who Said No! It is about a boy who said no to everything. Then he learns to say the word Yes. Eileen also does some mindfulness of breathing looks at the calendar and reads the poem “Feelings”.

Tich the Toddler

The story this week is’ Tich the Toddler’. This story is about a little fish who wants to be friends with the big fish. One day he rescues them from a fishing net. Eileen also does mindfulness of breathing and looks at our calendar.

Marvin Gets Mad

This week Eileen reads Marvin Gets Mad, an hilarious story about the importance of keeping calm and NOT losing your temper. Eileen also does some mindfulness of breathing and looks at the calendar. Finally she reads an Irish poem called Roly Roly Poly.

Stop Monkeying Around

Our story this week is Stop Monkeying Around about a little monkey that loved to play games but the other animals did not always want to join in. Eileen also reads an Irish poem Lámh, Lámh Eile.

Dazzle Duck

Dazzle Duck is our story this week. It is about not having to be perfect all the time. Eileen also does some Mindfulness of Breathing and looks at the calendar. Finally, Eileen also reads the poem “5 little ducks went swimming one day.

Lucky Bamboo

This week’s story is Lucky Bamboo in which the little panda listens to the wise old panda. Eileen also does some mindfulness of breathing and goes through the calendar as we move into a new month and a new season.

Little Bear Won’t Sleep

In this video this week Eileen reminds us of how to do our mindful breathing and reads the ‘Little Bear Won’t Sleep”. After that Eileen asks us to join in as she recites the poem “The Wide-Eyed Owl”.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Eileen reading one of the children’s favourite stories and fairytale about the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We look at our calendar and remember the days of the week and months of the year.

I Love You Stinkyface

Eileen completing the calendar and reading ‘I Love you Stinky Face’ a reminder to children of unconditional love.

Big Smelly Bear

Big Smelly Bear reminds children about the importance of hand-washing particularly in these important times.