Practical Life

This element of the Montessori Curriculum is an extension of the child’s home environment and it aims to give the child confidence and independence. Indirectly it prepares the child for reading and writing by always working left to right.

There are four distinct groups of Practical life exercises:

  • Elementary Movements (opening, closing, spooning, transferring, balancing)
  • Care of ┬áthe Person (buttoning, zipping, hand washing, tying, etc.)
  • Care of the Environment (cleaning, sweeping, gardening, pet care, etc.)
  • Social Skills Grace and Courtesy (greetings, serving, accepting, apologising, thanking, etc.)

In the Montessori classroom, Practical Life includes activities that prepare the child for daily living.

Video Demonstration

Here is a short video of one of our children completing the pouring activity which is a simple example of one of the practical life exercises included in the programme.

Practical Life from Mick Rock on Vimeo.