Montessori Curriculum

Our main aim here at New Horizons is to provide a stimulating, nurturing and happy environment, which allows each child to fulfil his/her own potential in a non-competitive manner. The Montessori method advocates a policy of respect for each child and consequent respect for others. This enhances the child’s self-worth.

A Montessori based approach to introducing the child to all aspects of the Montessori curriculum is provided through the use of a “Prepared Environment”. This recognises the young child’s need and desire for order.

  • This is achieved through the use of a fully equipped Montessori classroom complete with all appropriate Montessori materials and teaching aids.
  • Sessions of three hours, 5 days a week are provided, catering for three to six year olds.
  • It is our aim to work with parents in providing this service via a play-based and caring environment communicating in an open and transparent manner on a continuous basis.
  • High standards of teaching are achieved with suitably qualified Montessori teachers and the employment of individuals with a genuine desire to work with and educate small children.

The Montessori Method¬†recognises each child as an individual with a unique personality and ability. The combination of quality care and loving attention in our prepared environment¬†encourages the natural rhythm of learning and development. Our preschool programme will further enrich the children’s lives by providing a multitude of specially designed, developmentally appropriate activities for students within the Montessori curriculum.

Favourable teacher-child ratios, small groups and a variety of learning materials give children exciting opportunities for exploration, stimulating their curiosity and motivating them to learn.


The Montessori Curriculum is a holistic approach to child education and development in that it covers all aspects of a child’s development both psychological and physical. It is divided into the following modules, all of which are introduced in a prepared environment.

Practical Life

This is an extension of the child’s home environment and it aims to give the child confidence and independence. Indirectly it prepares the child for reading and writing by always working left to right. Check our Practical Life page for more details.


Children live in a world of senses, colour, size, dimension, shape, form, sound, touch, taste and smell. The Sensorial Montessori materials enable them to clarify, classify and comprehend their world. Check our Sensorial page for more details.


A multi-sensory approach that combines phonics, stories and language experiences to bring meaning to the learning or reading and writing. Check our Language page for more details.


An activity-based programme that allows a child to have ‘hands-on’ experience in learning mathematical concepts. Check our Mathematics page for more details.


Through Cultural activities, children gain a meaningful, involved acquaintance with plants, animals, music, basic science concepts and arts and craft. Check our Culture page for more details.