Inclusion Coordinator – Eileen Condon

We would like to include you in our congratulations to Eileen on her fantastic achievement of achieving Honours in the ‘Leadership for INClusion in the Early Years’ programme (LINC). This qualification, which has twice been the recipient of awards for excellence in education is a Level 6 Special Purpose Award (Higher Education), to enable early years educators to perform the role of Inclusion Coordinator.

The programme seeks to address the need for continuing professional development (CPD) in relation to the inclusion of children with additional needs.

The significance of this qualification for New Horizons Montessori School and the children who attend here every day is that, graduates perform the role of Inclusion Coordinator within their early years setting. The LINC Co-ordinator takes on specific roles and responsibilities associated with the post including:

  • Leading inclusive practice within New Horizons and providing support and information to staff and parents on inclusion.
  • Engaging with national and local developments and ongoing Continuous Professional Development.
  • Disseminating information on AIM the ‘Access and Inclusion Model’.
  • Liaising with Early Years Specialists and other professionals on behalf of children in New Horizons.
  • Promoting the National Inclusion Charter and supporting New Horizons to review its Inclusion Policy.
  • Advocating on behalf of children and giving children a voice in how we deliver our service.

As you can see this was an intensive and extremely valuable qualification to add to the range of skills and knowledge available to the children and parents of New Horizons.

We would like to join you in congratulating Eileen on this fantastic achievement and look forward to seeing her develop the role across all aspects of New Horizons Montessori. We wish her well in her additional role as LINC Co-ordinator.

Best Wishes from The New Horizons Montessori Team.